Wheelchair Lift Operation Procedure

All North Township Dial-A-Ride vehicles are accessible to persons with disabilities, each equipped with a standard wheelchair lift device. It is important that certain procedures be followed to insure that the rider is safely boarded upon the vehicle and that the equipment is used properly.

  1. When arriving at the pick-up address make sure the wheelchair access doors are properly aligned with either a sidewalk or appropriate flat surface. 
  2. Engage the four (4) way flashers and the rear upper safety flashing lights. 
  3. Engage the vehicle emergency brake by depressing the foot- peddle. 
  4. Activate the wheelchair lift switch on the dash of those vehicles that have such a device. 
  5. Open the passenger doors. 
  6. Carefully step out of the bus, watch in both directions for oncoming traffic. 
  7. Walk around to the wheelchair lift access doors and open carefully. 
  8. Remove the lift operations control from its securement holder and unfold the lift. 
  9. Lower the lift to ground level, make sure the end of the ramp unfolds flat to enable a smooth and easy access to the ramp. 
  10. Ask the rider which he prefers, to board either backwards or forwards and load onto ramp accordingly. 
  11. Engage lift and raise till level with bus floor. 
  12. Bring the rider into the bus and position the wheelchair so that the securement devices can be properly engaged. 
  13. Secure all four corners of the chair and attach the lap/shoulder belt (see wheelchair securement policy for various situations or mobility devices) 
  14. Exit the bus and fold the lift, secure the lift control and both access doors. 
  15. Disengage dash lift switch (if provided) and disengage emergency brake. 
  16. Look into side and rearview mirrors for traffic, when clear, pull out into traffic lane 
  17. Disengage flashing lights and 4-way lights once underway 
  18. Proceed to destination and repeat process. The wheelchair lift is available, upon request, to assist any and all riders, regardless of their physical condition. 

Download procedure statement in PDF format.