Energy Assistance Program

North Township is retooling its energy assistance programs to provide greater impact and education, beginning in 2018.

Chief Deputy Virginia Carter said employees are being trained to provide classes for residents to achieve even greater energy savings.

“We’ve moved beyond the programs where we would provide vouchers for such items as window coverings,” she said. “What we want to do is equip our residents with the knowledge to spot energy inefficiencies. Once they complete the class, we will have a host of items to help, such as LED light bulbs.”

Other easy ways to save money: Replace your five most frequently used light fixtures with Energy Star models – save $75 per year. Dial that thermostat down 7-10 degrees for eight hours per day – save 10 percent a year. Fix leaky faucets to save 1,661 gallons of water – save $35.

INFO: Please call the North Township Trustee’s office at (219) 932-2530.