Forging friendships. Supporting veterans.

Throughout his tenure as trustee, Frank Mrvan has dedicated himself to causes near-and-dear to military veterans. 

It’s not secret why: He believes those who have risked everything in defense of this country deserve the best we can provide.

Sadly, too often, veterans wounded in combat come back to find the system doesn’t support their needs.

From the Victory for Veterans Memorial Ride to the National Guard Golf Outing and partnership with Habitat for Humanity to creates homes for veterans, there are dozens of events Mrvan hosts and/or attends that support veteran’s causes.

“We asked the ultimate sacrifice of them — that the members of our military would put everything on the line to defend our life and liberty,” Mrvan said. “The least we can do is to provide the support they need to get back to their lives. Our wounded veterans, including those with unseen wounds, need a helping hand and we, at the township, do everything we can to help.”