Joining forces. Strengthening communities.

Partnerships forged between North Township Trustee Frank Mrvan, community organizations, the trade unions and local businesses have created opportunities that could not be realized without them.

“When I became Trustee, I understood the immediacy of providing daily living essentials — like food, utility and rent assistance, clothing help, and more,” Mrvan said. “We accomplish more when we work together,” Mrvan said. “We are blessed in this community by the number of individuals, agencies and businesses who want to help.”


North Township and Autism Speaks are working to provide training for police to better identify and relate to children with autism in order to keep them safe. At the same time, the township is working with families with children who have the disorder to provide fun bracelets that will be an easy identifier. The program will begin with East Chicago Police and eventually include all agencies in North Township. East Chicago officials have identified 180 special needs families that could benefit from the training


Lake County Prosecutor Bernard Carter is bringing the weight of his office – and two members of his staff – to North Township’s Circle of Services to serve as a satellite office charged with helping single parents throughout the township recover monies owed to them in support of their children. “What this means for custodial parents and their children is living precariously through no fault of their own,” Chief Deputy Virginia Carter said. “We are working with the prosecutor’s office to help stabilize our families.”

INFO: The partnership between the Lake County Prosecutor’s office and North Township will begin early in 2018. If you are a custodial parent in need of help in securing child support, please call the township at (219) 932-2530.

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